Welcome to the World of Navantrics Limited where dreams come to life. To live your enormous dream in the reality of your own experience is a tremendous and unmeasurable excitement. This true experience by far, is an epitome of true success. Self identity and to seemingly fit into an environment is as easy as counting one two three. However, in many circumstances, people are far from this natural state of becoming you. Navantrics is not promising you a straight forward success but optimistic as we are, we believe in a holistic turn around to success in any form or  given challenge that comes our way and yes  we do not dismiss the influences the world around us to contributes to shaping  our ultimate success. Nevertheless, there are many other ways which also contribute  to shaping us to who we have become. Considering factors  like Time, Funds, General support and many more. As we become more alive and aware of ourselves in decision making, experience, connections, thoughts actions in every  moment of our lives emphasize how mature we becomes. Success, the ultimate and most satisfying reward to achieve after any form of planning and executing well structured objectives, turns to forms one of the most important entity in our lives. The Team of Navantrics are spirited and level headed in achieving required results. The team is well coordinated  to exhume passion for individual success. Effortlessly, the team works efficiently and collaboratively. We will not  only assist you, we aim at assisting you to exceed your target.


Executive Director & Co Founder

 I love engaging my self with positive matters that continuously sets my mood to achieving targets and gaining more to my advantage.Every blessed day, I wake up to the excitements and challenges Navantrics Ltd presents to me daily.

I am interested in human biological science and also love applying calculated strategies to almost every thing in my path.

I am confident that with the right attitude, solid business structure and maintaining the fabulous Navantrics team. I can suddenly expect and look forward to a fantastic and successful near future for NAVANTRICS


Executive Director & Co Founder

Richmond Ayisi, Executive Driector and Co founder of Navantrics Limited. Richmond, I always had the passion for using his business skills, knowledge and experience for helping other to succeed and setting up Navantrics Limited was a major way to achieve this, as at Navantrics one of our core functions is to provide top class business to business services. Linking business, suppliers, manufacturers and consumers.

In my spare time I love cooking, playing video games, listening to preaching, music and watching movies. Check out our services and contact us for your business needs.



Operations Manager

As a Brand Engineer at NAVANTRICS LIMITED, my priority is to help develop a strategic ways of building and engaging customers for quality and cost effective growth of Big and small businesses across the globe. Your Digital competitive analysis, content Marketing, Social media advertising campaigns, email marketing, website converting rate optimizations, web design development, pay per click leads, search engine optimization, video Marketing, strategy and analytics consulting.
Just talk to us on what you need and we will deliver quality service for you.



I. T Manager

Creation and development of technology is my passion however success is the ultimate goal. I am the software developer lead for Navantrics with many years of professional experience in website development, mobile app creation, robotics,  networking, electronics, video game design, database design, ethical hacking and PC maintenance.

I’m focused mainly on the technological growth of Navantrics accompanied with 100% success rate of our projects.

I love gardening, teaching, good music, cooking, playing video games and staying current with the latest technology.


Video Editor & Director

As a concept to completion video editor, I specialize in editing digital content for YT, Instagram, Facebook, explainer videos, websites, instructional videos, interviews, non profits, and corporate events.

I’m totally up to date with Premiere Pro and AE.
Practical experience as a lead editor on various documentaries.

I am also a co-host of the Navantrics show, Let’s Chat on youtube


Radio/Television Host

Coobekk’s style drifts in media has become the most creative atmospheric dub presentation and his unique style as radio/television host over the years on international platforms makes his brand standout

Originally from Ghana, his career to date has allowed him to push the sonic envelope with experimental grooves and intelligent mixing, implementing his adaptable and charismatic style.


Graphic Design specialist

As a Gracphic Designer at Navantrics limited, My Core and primary Goal is to propelle Navantrics limited to become a world class company through my Creative and professional designs and artworks.
At Navantrics we serve you a world class creative and professional branding, ranging from logo design to finishing.
At Navantrics, it’s our Core function to serve you with top notch business to business services, connecting business suppliers manufacturers and you the Consumer.


Link & Talk Show Host

Marian Asante- Fordjour, is a practicing Lawyer in the UK. She is a Qualified Solicitor specialising in Family, Housing & Employment Law. She’s also a Motivational Interviewer as well as a Media & PR Consultant at BEKKMAAF Media & Consultancy Inc. She also conducts Legal Research & Consultancy Services to Navantrics Media UK. She currently hosts the Link & Talk Show on Navantrics Media UK. She is very proactive and committed to serving the community and the global world through her humanitarian & charitable works.